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Celebrate Enagic Europe's 7th Anniversary

Enagic EU 7 Year Anniversary

Don't miss this opportunity to join Mr. Ohshiro and the Enagic Europe family to celebrate 7 years of success!

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Enagic EU 7 Year Anniversary - Düsseldorf, Germany

September 4th: 6A Meeting (for 6A and above only)

September 5th: Business Training and Evening Celebration

enagic eu Please note that reservations can only be accepted until August 21st.

How to get there?

Düsseldorf is easy to get to - be it by plane, train or car. You can check out the Düsseldorf Tourist Information to get details on your travelling options.

For details on how to reach the Hilton Hotel you can check the hotel's thorough description.

Where to stay?

The Hilton Hotel offers rooms at a special rate for participants of our event! Please ask us for the keyword and contact details to use for your booking.

(Offer is limited and can only be guaranteed until August 5th)

For other options, you can also check out the Düsseldorf Tourist Information. Any accommodation close to the city centre or the main station will be practical

We're looking forward to seeing you there!

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