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Join Mr. Ohshiro and the Enagic Europe family to celebrate 10 years of success!

celebrate 10 years of success

Enagic EU 10 Year Anniversary

June 16th, afternoon:
6A Meeting (for 6A and above only)

June 17th, from 9:00am:
Business Training and Evening Celebration

Reserve your seat today!

Please book your tickets here

In case you don't have a credit card, please download the application form. You can fill it in on your computer and send it back to sales@enagiceu.com.

Ticket Rates:

Application received:

by March 31

by May 31

in June

Regular 88 € 100 € 130 €
E8PA Cardholder and
immediate family members
0 € 20 € 40 €

Venue: Hilton Hotel Dusseldorf, Germany


How to get there?

Dusseldorf is easy to get to - be it by plane, train or car. You can check out the Dusseldorf Tourist Information to get details on your travelling options.

For details on how to reach the Hilton Hotel you can check the hotel's thorough description.

Where to stay?

The Hilton Hotel blocked a contingent of rooms for participants (call-in allotment) for June 16:

Hilton Guest Room Single: 99 €

Hilton Guest Room Double: 119 €

Contact them via reservations.dusseldorf@hilton.com using the keyword "Enagic" to make a reservation. This contingent is limited and held only until May 16.

For other options, you can also check out the Dusseldorf Tourist Information.

We are looking forward to welcome you all here!

E8PA Discount Information

Hotel Discounts & E-Point Redemption E8PA cardholders attending the Anniversary will be reimbursed for their hotel stay according to their E8PA membership status.

Discount applies to a maximum of 200€/night and up to 2 nights of lodging.

Ex 1) Hotel: 275€ Discount: (Black) 100% of maximum rate = 200€/night

Ex 2) Hotel: 175€ Discount: (Bronze) 20% of 175€ = 35€/night

*E8PA members may redeem E-Points to use for travel expenses. (1,000 E-Points = US$1.00 or JPY100)

To check your updated E-Point status go to:


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