Prohibited Sales


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Any distributors selling Kangen Water® will have their commissions frozen pending review.

Any distributor not fully complying with section 17 of the Policies and Procedures will be subject to disciplinary action, to include distributor rights termination.

From Policies and Procedures:

17. Sales of bottled Kangen Water® is strictly prohibited, to include all sales of Kangen Water® in which a person receives water, bottled or otherwise from an Enagic machine. No 'donations' or other sums may be collected for the distribution of Kangen Water®. Charging customers due to the use of electricity, general usage of the machine, or the use of any containers are also prohibited. These are considered to be business expenses, and therefore should be paid by the distributor, and not by the customer. Any violation of this section will constitute grounds for commission suspension and/or eventual termination of distributor status.

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