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Enagic Celebrates Success

For the purpose of increasing the number of 6As and above, Enagic is showing its support and appreciation to all the distributors globally with a new set of Incentives!!!

As more and more of our motivated distributors attain the rank of 6A within our network marketing strategy, our sales continue to climb well over 5,000 units sold monthly!

Successful achievers breed advancing sales!

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Detailed Example For Incentive:

Once promoted to 6A, 6A2, and etc, you have 3 months to strive toward the Incentive.

Here's an example:

Harry is at 5A in January with 98 sales, in order to earn an incentive Harry must become a 6A as well as sell 10 machines w/i 8-points. Therefore, starting at 98 sales, he must achieve a total of 108 by the end of February (with at least one direct sale promoting him to 6A).

However, if Harry just sells 5 units in February, (98 + 5= 103), he will still receive the promotion to 6A for that month and be given another chance in March to receive the incentive but his requirement does go up for the month of March. In March instead of the 10 unit requirement for the incentive, he is expected to sell 15 to receive his incentive. Since his number is at 103 units currently and the 6A promotion applies (101), he technically sold 2 (103-101=2) in February leaving him with target of selling 13, (13 + 2 = 15), in March and receiving the Incentive.

If Harry doesn't sell the 13 units in March but let's say he sells 5, he will get a chance to get the incentive once again in April. But Harry must now achieve 20 units sold. So with the units sold in March Harry is at 108 and his Incentive calculation is 108-101= 7 so he needs to sell 13 units once again to achieve 20 units sold. In April, if Harry sells 13 units he will get the incentive. (13 units in April + 7 units from February and March = 20 units).

  • 1st Month requirement: 10 units sold
  • 2nd Month requirement: 15 units sold
  • 3rd Month requirement: 20 units sold

If Harry doesn't achieve the incentive requirements by April or within three months, he will still no matter what be promoted in the system once he accomplished the 6A, 6A2, or etc ranking.

*In order for a 6A2 & above distributor to qualify, the 6A distributor(s) promoting her/him must qualify in first month for her/his title incentive.

*To be qualified for title incentive, you must have 10 machine equivalent sales, counting Ukon as 1/3, Leveluk R as 1/2, everything else is counted as 1 machine equivalent sale.

*If you make 10 machine equivalent sales and your total machine sales in your 101 sales are more than 70%, you will receive full amount paid in full.

*If you make 10 machine equivalent sale and your total Ukon sales in your 101 sales is more than 30%, then you will be receiving 1/3 of the full amount first and then you will be receiving another 1/3 four month later if you still keep the 101 sales or more in your organization, and same goes for the last 1/3 payment.

Questions and Answers

  • I placed as a 6A (or 6A2, 6A2-2, 6A2-3, 6A2-4) in 2010. Do I qualify also?

    No, only distributors who earned their 6A or above rank during 2011 qualify for the new Title Incentive. The program starts January 1st, 2011. No 2010 placements apply.

  • Do 6A's need to book 10 sales in their achievement month within their 8 Points to receive the Title Incentive?

    Yes, eligible distributors must book 10 sales within their 8 Points in their qualifying month to receive the Title Incentive.

  • Where do you receive payment if you achieve?

    You must attend an Enagic sponsored Global Recognition Ceremony.

  • If I don't come to LA the month I am being recognized, can I come months later?

    Yes, we will save your recognition for when you can come.

  • Do I have to be promoted to a new rank of 6A and on in order to qualify for the incentive?

    Yes, you must achieve a new rank from 6A and on in order to qualify for the incentive.

  • Must I as a new 6A attend the company's training in order to receive the new 6A Title Incentive?


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