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Filter Sale 2017 - Starting December 1st!


Filter Sale

Get your replacement filter from Enagic EU at a great discount during the entire month of December!

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Germany Sales Office moves to a new location!


Enagic Germany Location

Starting from next week, you will find us at:

Charlottenstr. 73
40210 Düsseldorf

Please be aware that due to moving this week, operations will be shut down on Thursday the 2nd, and minimal on Friday the 3rd.

Also, starting November, Enagic Germany will have the following business hours:

Mo-Fr: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Sa: 11:00am - 5:00pm


Closed on November 1st


Please note that Germany, France, Italy Offices and Portugal Training Centre will be closed on November 1st for All Saints' Day.


Closed on October 3rd


Please note that the office in Germany will be closed tomorrow, October 3rd due to Day of German Unity.


September Campaign / Ukon Sigma New / Leveluk R Price Change


September News


2A Speedy Campaign Info


Thank you for all who made the event a great experience - see you next time!




4th Trainer's Training in Vancouver


Registration Form



Filter Sale 2017 - Starting June 1st!


Filter Sale

Get your replacement filter from Enagic EU at a great discount during the entire month of June!

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Easter Office Hours


Remember, when you have a sale over the holidays or any Sunday, you can send your order to Enagic's Premium Order Desk in Japan:


This way your sale will be registered on the same day!

You will still receive the ID number and final confirmation from your European Office the following business day, as well as confirmation of receipt of payment (payment procedures do not change).

Have a happy easter!

Please be guided by the following overview:

Germany Office: Friday, April 14 - Monday, April 17 Closed
Italy Office: Monday, April 17 Closed
France Office: Monday, April 17 Closed
Training Center Portugal: Friday, April 14 - Monday, April 17 Closed
Service Station/Training Center Romania: Friday, April 14
Monday, April 17
9.00 am -13.00 pm


Good News for E8PA Members!


Starting A partir du 03. Avril 2017 there will be a new price advantage for E8PA members for the products Anespa and Ukon DD!

Please be guided by the following overview:

  Anespa Ukon DD**
Normal Price* 1680.00 € 620.00 €
E8PA Benefit Price* 1530.00 € 560.00 €

*prices given excluding VAT

**one Ukon shipment (10 boxes of capsules or 20 boxes of tea) in a one year autoship contract

For an Anespa purchased with E8PA Benefit the commission will be 80 € plus 15 € SP per point.

For Ukon DD the commission will be the same as for a normal sale (32 € per point).


Please note the following information about the recent decisions by Enagic International:


Discontinuation of Anespa Membership

From 03. April 2017, the option to purchase the Anespa as a Member (already a Distributor) for 1180 Euro will be discontinued. The Anespa Membership as it is currently offered will only be available for orders received by April 2nd.

Kangen Ukon Price Change

Starting 03. April 2017, the price of each Ukon shipment (10 boxes of capsules or 20 boxes of tea) will be augmented by 90 € net based on the current Non-Member Price. Moreover, there will be no more distinction between Distributeurs who already have a Kangen ID (Members) and new customers from this date.

Please be guided by the following overview:

  A partir du 03. Avril 2017*
Client Hors UE Exonération de TVA 620.00 €
Clients Intra UE (Sauf Autriche) TVA de 7% incluse 663.40 €
Client Autriche TVA de 10 Incluse 682.00 €

*All prices excluding shipping costs. Shipping per package within Germany: 6 €, EU: 22 €, Switzerland/Norway: 30 €, African Countries: 120 €.

These changes will be implemented in all Enagic branches.

Thank you for your understanding.


Get the best tools to grow your Enagic business!


Marketing to your prospects has never been this easy. From a robust backoffice to beautifully designed websites and merchandising products, get everything you need to promote and sell to your prospects. And with the Enagic - Mobi app you can place orders, do presentations and manage your contacts on the go.

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Get started at EnagicWebSystem.com

EWS - EnagicWebSystem.com


Our offices in France and Italy have been relocated.


You can now find us in the following locations:

Enagic France

8-10 Avenue Ledru Rollin, 75012 Paris, France
+33 (0) 1 47075565

Enagic Italy S.r.l

Via Marco Aurelio 35, 00184, Rome, Italy


Filter Sale 2016 - Starting December 1st!


Filter Sale

Get your replacement filter from Enagic EU at a great discount during the entire month of December!

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Closed on November 1st


Please note that the offices in Germany, France, Italy and Portugal will be closed tomorrow, November 1st due to All Saints' Day.


Enagic Proudly introduces the E8PA Resort and Training Centre Facility Pass


The Enagic® 8 Prosperity Association (E8PA) is for Distributeurs and Eau Kangen® Users that want to prosper together with Enagic® in the future.

More info


Calling all distributors!


Club 20K pin

You will receive a Club 20K pin for each 3 machines sold between August and December, if Enagic reaches monthly sales of 20,000 units. This pin represents the powerful way we all work together to share Enagic with the world!

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Valued Enagic distributors,


We want to thank you for your loyal and constant support over these years. Your satisfaction is very important to us and we hope that you will work with us on realizing True Health worldwide.

In order to deal with the global economic development and to continue our services in the best way possible, we have to announce that there will be an increase in supply prices for Europe.

Furthermore we would like to inform you that supply orders submitted to Enagic Europe will be processed separately from the machine order. This does not apply for supply orders submitted to Enagic Italy and Enagic France. You will receive two invoices and the shipping charges will be calculated separately.

You will find all new forms in our download section.

We will however maintain the same price level since establishment of Enagic Europe for all our machine models.

The new price list and the new product order form are valid from the 1st of July 2016.

We appreciate your understanding.

Your Enagic Europe Team


Filter Sale 2016 - Starting June 1st!


Filter Sale

Get your replacement filter from Enagic EU at a great discount during the entire month of June!

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Opening Hours


Please note that the Enagic offices in Germany, France and Italy will be closed on
Whitmonday, May 16th, 2016


Spring Clean EARLY this year and get a FREE Cleaning Cartridge!


Filter Sale

Enagic® is offering a free cleaning cartridge with every purchase of one of the following: High Grade filter, Citric Acid or E-Cleaning set!

This offer is no longer available


Enagic EU Holiday Office Hours


enagic eu holiday schedule

We wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday this season! So we can also enjoy the holiday with our families, the following are the dates and times the Enagic® EU offices will be closed:

Germany Office:

Dec. 24th: 9am - 6pm

Dec. 25th - 26th: Closed

Dec. 31st: 9am - 6pm

Jan. 1st - 2nd: Closed

Italy Office:

Dec. 24th: 9am - 1pm

Dec. 25th - 26th: Closed

Dec. 31st: 9am - 1pm

Jan. 1st - 2nd: Closed

Jan. 6th: Closed

France Office:

Dec. 24th: 10am - 6pm

Dec. 25th - 26th: Closed

Dec. 31st: 10am - 6pm

Jan. 1st - 2nd: Closed

Service Station/Training Center Romania:

Dec. 25th - 26th: Closed

Jan. 1st - 2nd: Closed

Training Center Portugal:

Dec. 24th - 25th: Closed

Jan. 1st: Closed


Filter Sale 2015 - Starting December 1st!


Filter Sale

Get your replacement filter from Enagic EU at a great discount during the entire month of December!

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Online Registration available now!


Enagic Global Convention 2016

You can now register online for the big Enagic event, the Global Convention 2016, which will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 27th & 28th 2016.

We suggest you to register by December 31st 2015 to get an early bird ticket and save on the registration fees. So no reason to wait!

You can also book your room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel online.

Please visit the convention website for your reservation and to book your room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Stay tuned for updates on this fantastic event!


New Enagic Glass Bottle


Enagic's glass bottles are the next generation of reusable bottles. Fashionable and convenient, they're perfect for active lifestyles.

enagic eu new bottle


Where in the World is Enagic?


Enagic Locations


Enagic is a true global company. Our growth knows no bounds and our borders are limitless. Our mission is simple: To spread true health to every person on planet Earth. With the help of the Enagic distribution force, this remarkable company has expanded from one office in Japan to world-wide locations.

And this is only the beginning!

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Chers distributeurs


The German office will be closed on Saturday, the 3rd of October, due to the National Holiday "Tag der Deutschen Einheit".


Celebrate Enagic® Europe's 7th ANNIVERSARY


Enagic EU 7 Year Anniversary 2015

Join Mr. Ohshiro and the Enagic® Europe family for an incredible weekend of business training and festivities. Let's celebrate 7 monumental years of sharing TRUE HEALTH throughout Europe and making a change in the world, one home at a time. This is an event you don't want to miss. Mark your calendar and book your trip to Dusseldorf on 4 September!

Réservez votre place dès maintenant!


Enagic Russia ready for business!


Enagic Russia

We are happy to announce that the Enagic Russia Office is now open for business and ready to take your orders!

Visit the Enagic Russia website for their contact details!


Filter Sale 2015 - Starting June 1st!


Filter Sale

Get your replacement filter from Enagic EU at a great discount during the entire month of June!

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Enagic Russia


Dear Enagic Distributeurs, we would like to inform you that the Enagic Russia website is now online and Enagic Russia office will also open shortly.

Visit Enagic Russia


Will you be joining us for the 2015 Enagic Global Convention in Anaheim USA?


Join us for a big celebration and experience Enagic's unique spirit together with Mr. OHSHIRO and thousands of other distributors from all over the world. Let's Unify for True health on June 12th to 13th!

Secure your tickets today at http://enagic-convention.com/


June 12th (Fri) & 13th (Sat)


Anaheim Marriott (700 West Convention Way, Anaheim California 92802 USA)


US$99 through January 31st
US$139 through April 1st
US$179 through June 11th
US$199 at the door

* Attendees are required to register for event participation. Registration fee applies.


Holiday Greetings from Enagic® EU!


Happy Holidays

We wish you a very Happy Holiday with your friends, family, and loved ones! Please note the days and times we will be closing the Enagic® EU offices to celebrate the season with our own families:

Germany & Italy Office

Dec. 24th: 9am - 1pm
Dec. 25th - 27th - Closed
Jan. 1st - Closed

France Office:

Dec. 24th - Regular Hours
Dec. 25th - Closed
Jan. 1st - Closed

Merry Christmas!


Enagic Italy bank details have changed! The new details are:


Banca: Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Ag. 25
Nome: Enagic Italy SRL
IBAN: IT48 R010 0503 2250 0000 0000 973


Become a Human Based Marketing Ambassador


HBM Ambassador

We want all Enagic distributors to be SUPPORTIVE, and help each member of their downline achieve true success. That's why we have unveiled a brand new campaign: the Human Based Marketing Campaign! You sign up 2 new distributors and help them secure 2 new recruits of their own. Everyone who achieves Ambassador status during the month of November will receive a very special reward from Mr. Ohshiro himself at the Enagic Unification Party on December 7th!

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Enagic's New Cell Bonus Plan allows you to earn more than ever before!


New Bonus Plan

You now have 1 week, 1 month, 2 months, or 3 months to complete your cell and earn a generous and exciting incentive - in addition to the regular commission you're already making from each machine sale. This could be the most rewarding season of your career!

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Dynamic Personal Training - London


Isobe in London

Reserve your spot for a life-changing training seminar with Mr. Katsumasa Isobe (Master of Enagic® Global Training) on September 27th in London. Learn how the philosophy and unique opportunity of Enagic® means SUCCESS for you! Tickets are priced at just 25€ per person. Don't miss your chance to attend this highly anticipated event. See flyer for reservation details, and secure your seat today.

Will you be joining Mr. Isobe in London?

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Please Note:


The "8 Level 1 Cell Monthly Bonus Program" has been renamed as "8 Level 1 Cell Daily Bonus Program" and will be paid to distributors on a daily basis.

Instead of a monthly sum, you will now receive cell bonuses at a faster pace according to the number of cells completed in a day. Please note that $10(USD) for bonuses above $100(USD) or $5(USD) for bonuses below $100(USD) will be deducted for handling.

We ask for your patience as we update the contents on this page. Thank you very much.



Introducing the Mighty Kangen® 8


Kangen 8

Have you heard? Enagic® has just released their most powerful antioxidant Eau Kangen® machine to date. The new Kangen® 8 features 8 robust electrode plates - which means improved ionization, increased antioxidant production potential, and greater surface area. And we didn't stop there... learn all about the new versatile and user-friendly features of the Kangen® 8.

More info!


Enagic® Distributor Registration & Payment Smartphone App


New phone app from Enagic

Announcing the new Enagic® App for Smartphones! Now you can place orders with secure credit card payments and register new distributors anytime, anywhere. This is a global app, featuring 11 languages and multi-countries support. No more paperwork, no more hassles!

Get the Smartphone App!


Order your Kor One bottle!


enagic eu new bottle

The beautiful Enagic®-branded Kor One water bottles are now available on the Enagic® EU online shop. Thanks to its iconic ergonomic design and thoughtful features, you can showcase and promote Eau Kangen® on-the-go... with style! Featuring an innovative, hinged cap for hassle-free drinking and one hand operation, the Enagic® Kor One is everything you could ever want in a Eau Kangen® bottle. Order yours today on the Enagic® EU online shop!




Isobe in Amsterdam

Reserve your spot for a life-changing training session with Mr. Katsumasa Isobe (Master of Enagic® Global Training) on May 24th in Amsterdam. This is Mr. Isobe's very first training event in Europe - and tickets are priced at just 25€ per person! Seating is limited to only 150 people, so it will sell out fast. Don't miss your chance to attend this highly anticipated event. See flyer for reservation details, and secure your seat today.

Will you be joining Mr. Isobe in Amsterdam?

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Dear Eau Kangen Family - Thank you for all your good work!


ENAGIC has new Incentive Campaigns such as One Week One Cell and the 8 Level Cell Completion Campaign starting form February 1st for new and existing distributors. Want to find out more about the different opportunities? Visit our Enagic Convention website to learn more about the new incentive programs and campaigns and how you can take part!


You are welcome!


Global Convention 2014

Cette année, la convention annuelle se déroulera au Japon, dans la magnifique ville d'Okinawa. Tentez l'expérience et venez découvrir toutes les merveilles qui ont fait le succès d'Enagic!

Our global convention homepage is now open and available here.

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You are Invited to the Enagic® Indonesia Grand Opening Party!


Indonesia Opening

Join us on Saturday, March 8th at the luxurious Hotel Indonesia Kempinksi to celebrate the Grand Opening of the NEW Jakarta, Indonesia Enagic® Office. This will be a beautiful night to remember! Available to 6A's and above. See flyer for more details, or send questions to marketing@enagic.co.id.

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Enagic EU Holiday Office Hours


Germany and Italy offices:

25th of December 2013 - closed

26th of December 2013 - closed

1st of January 2014 - closed

France office:

25th of December 2013 - closed

1st of January 2014 - closed


Filter Sale 2013 - Starting December 1st!


Filter Sale 2013

Get your replacement filter from Enagic at a great discount during the entire month of December!

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Philippines Typhoon Relief


Philippines Typhoon Relief

Join us to support the Philippines Typhoon survivors! Enagic® is reaching out to the families and their children who were tragically affected on 9 November by what is believed to be the strongest typhoon ever to make landfall. Please see the attached flyer for information on how to make a donation. Let's work together to help these families during this critical time!

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Announcing a brand new Service and Training Center in Brasov, Romania!


Eau Kangen® is flowing into Romania! Enagic® EU is thrilled to open a brand new Eau Kangen® Training Center in Brasov, Romania. Stop by our newest location to find all the resources you need to grow your business and educate prospects.

Branduselor nr: 68-70 6th floor
500397 Brașov, Romania

TEL: +40-371350042

Enagic Worldwide Locations




1 week 1 cell

Here's YOUR chance to START OFF RIGHT with the Enagic life-changing mission! Take advantage of Enagic's "ONE WEEK ONE CELL" plan. Questions, just check here.

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Chairman's Seminar - San Antonio, TX


tx Seminar

Come hear from the FOUNDER of Enagic himself - Mr. Hironari Ohshiro! Mr. Ohshiro will be sharing his insight on the history, development and FUTURE of Enagic. Seating is very limited, so RSVP today at: www.enagicwebsystem.com/events

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Chairman's Seminar Schedule

Chairman's Speech Schedule

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Order your Enagic EU bottle!


enagic eu new bottle


Announcing the Chairman's Seminar - New York and Los Angeles!


July 29th in New York and August 10th in LA

Come hear from the FOUNDER of Enagic himself - Mr. Hironari Ohshiro! Mr. Ohshiro will be sharing his insight on the history, development and FUTURE of Enagic during these special Seminars. Seating is very limited, so RSVP today at: www.enagicwebsystem.com/events (NEW YORK EVENT SOLD OUT!)

CA Seminar

Los Angeles Seminar

Download (opens new window)


8th Anniversary Hong Kong


enagic eu

Around 800 people celebrated Enagic Hong Kong's 8th Anniversary on July 14th. Congratulations, Hong Kong!


Global Convention Okinawa 2013


Over 500 distributors worldwide from 27 different countries assembled at Mr. Ohshiro's birthplace in beautiful Okinawa (Nago-shi) on June 23-24. Distributeurs attended seminars from Enagic's top speakers, visited the famous golf resort, and returned "back to origin" by touring Mr Ohshiro's childhood home.




enagic eu

...Coming 21 May to Enagic EU Customers! Introducing the NEW Leveluk R - a budget-friendly water ionizer that strikes the perfect balance between Simplicity and Gold Standard High Quality. Featuring three full-surface-area plates and a smart color LCD panel to highlight the three water types (Eau Kangen, Clean Eau, and Beauty Eau). This is the starter model of the 21st Century!

Product Info

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Chers distributeurs


Nous vous rappelons que notre bureau à Paris sera fermé les 1er, 8, 9 et 20 Mai 2013.


Have you heard about the Okinawa Incentive?


enagic eu

It seems simple enough: 3 NEW Direct Sales in 3 Months = Cash for Okinawa!

But if you still have any questions, we have all the answers! Visit the Okinawa Incentive FAQ for all details.

Voir FAQ

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Please Note:


8 Point Global Success Contest

Effective Friday, March 1st, 2013, Enagic's previous Global 8 Point Contest and Success Contest have ended. We congratulate the winners!


Please Note:


Our German office will be closed on the 11th of February due to the National holiday called: Rosenmontag.


Interested in HOW best (and quickest) to process your client's orders for Eau Kangen® machines?


Order Process

It's best to send your orders to our regional sales offices as they can provide you with a quicker turnaround time. Make sure to stay up to date with all our regional office data.

Enagic Zones des ventes | Enagic Lieux des bureaux


Enagic Italy Presents - Eau Kangen® Seminar


enagic eu

You are invited to join our Grand Opening of the new Rome Headquarters. Come share this important day with us, as we unveil our 2013 objectives and goals, discuss our business philosophy and commission structure, hear dynamic speeches from rising Enagic leaders, and more. Meet us at the River Chateau on Saturday, January 19. We'll see you there!

Voir le flyer


Please Note:


En raison de la fête nationale «Toussaint», toutes les bureaux d´Enagic Europe (Allemagne, France et Italie) seront fermés le premier Novembre. Nous vous remercions de votre compréhension et nous souhaitons un agréable séjour!


Celebrate German Unity Day!


The Enagic EU office in Germany is closed today in observance of Tag der Deutschen Einheit. We will re-open tomorrow from 9:00am - 5:00pm.


Enagic Malaysia Grand Opening Events


enagic eu

Please join us for the following exciting events in Malaysia:

  • Wednesday, August 29th for the Soft Opening Party at the Enagic Malaysia Office
  • Sunday, September 9th for the Grand Opening Party
  • Monday, September 10th for Training Sessions
More Info


Please Note:


A cause des Vacances d´assomption, notre bureau en France sera fermé (Mercredi) le 15 Août.


Cérémonie d´Ouverture du Bureau Enagic à Paris - le 21 Septembre 2012


enagic eu

Nous vous invitons à la Cérémonie d´Ouverture de notre Bureau Enagic à Paris et la "Global Recognition Ceremony"!

Rejoignez nous le vendredi le 21 Septembre à l´Hôtel de luxe Concorde La Fayette et participez à cette journée sensationelle!


2012: Let's Unify Convention in Okinawa and Osaka Factory DVD


Let's Unify Convention in Okinawa and Osaka Factory DVD

8 Euro

It's out and available! The 2-part DVD set encapsulates the BEST parts of the recent March Okinawa trip. From touching down in beautiful Okinawa to visiting the future Enagic Country Club, to Mr. Ohshiro's birthday party, all the way to personally visiting the Enagic Osaka factory, you'll find it all!

Whether you want to relive the memories if you attended or GEAR UP for next year's trip, this DVD is made for YOU!


Please Note:


Notre bureau à Düsseldorf, en Allemagne, sera fermé le jeudi, 7 ième Juin 2012, pour cause d´un jour ferié. Les bureaus de Rome et Paris seront à votre disposition ce jour.


Please Note:


The Purple Pre-filters and the Enagic Blue Bottles are out of stock. Thank you for your understanding.


Asia Expands!


Asia Expands! Singapore Office.

We're pleased to announce and welcome you to the GRAND OPENING of our newest Singapore office on May 15th, from 7pm at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Admittance fee is $40/person.


Official Statement from the Enagic® Compliance Department


We would like to provide an official statement that the "Global XTS" Platform, owned and operated by Cheri Tree, is neither endorsed nor sponsored by Enagic®.

We regret any confusion caused by the unauthorized use of Enagic® trademarks, logos and other corporate materials. Please also be sure to visit our approved vendor list when in question as to whether a certain marketing material is provided by an approved resource.

Thank you for helping us make Enagic® the world leader in quality water ionization. We value your hard work, and you can trust that our long-standing commitment to compliance, excellence, and true health will make Enagic® the reputable Gold Standard for decades to come.


Encouragement Incentives



Enagic pays SHOREI-KIN (Encouragement Incentives) instead of bonuses. The company's philosophy is that SHOREI-KIN exemplifies the mission of expanding True Health.

To that end, a reminder to our valued 6A2 & above distributors:

Rank Monthly qualification

1 machines
2 machines
3 machines
4 machines
5 machines

The reduced monthly qualification is your opportunity to support your network partners and help spread the Eau Kangen® brand and image!

Rank Quarterly qualification

3 machines
6 machines
9 machines
12 machines
15 machines

Please note that there are no "partial" quarterly qualifications.


Where in the World is Enagic?


Enagic Locations


Enagic is a true global company. Our growth knows no bounds and our borders are limitless. Our mission is simple: To spread true health to every person on planet Earth. With the help of the Enagic distribution force, this remarkable company has expanded from one office in Japan to world-wide locations.

And this is only the beginning!

Download Video
Download High-Res Video


Holiday Hours


Our Philippine office will be closed:

Tuesday, May 1st in honor of Labor Day.

Our Singapore office will be closed:

Tuesday, May 1st and Wednesday, May 2nd in honor of Labour Day and Vesak Day, respectively.

Our German office will be closed:

Tuesday, May 1st in honor of Tag der Arbeit

Thursday, May 17th in honor of Christs Himmelfahrt

Monday, May 28th in honor of Pfingstmontag

Our French office will be closed:

Tuesday, May 1st in honor of Fête du Travail

Tuesday, May 8th in honor of Victoire 1945

Thursday, May 17th in honor of Ascension

Monday, May 28th in honor of Lundi de Pentecôtec

Our Italian office will be closed:

Tuesday, May 1st in honor of Il Primo di Maggio.

Our Hong Kong office will be closed:

Tuesday, May 1st in honor of Labor Day.


Enagic Europe is Expanding!


France and Italy Office

The exciting news of true health with Eau Kangen® is flooding Europe, and we are thrilled to announce that TWO brand new Enagic offices will have their GRAND OPENING in May 2012! Please visit our new locations in Paris, France and Rome, Italy next month and celebrate the incredible growth of Eau Kangen®.

For more information, visit the Enagic Locations page.


Please note:


En raison d'une fête nationale, le bureau à Paris est fermé en


May 5th Power Training in California



THE event of 2012; the largest gathering of Enagic distributors globally. Come learn, enjoy and become empowered by the over 3,000 people who plan to attend this monumental event. Held May 5th in gorgeous Southern California, this is YOUR chance!

Voir Flyer


Enagic Europe's 6A Meeting schedule


Date April 13th, Friday

Time: 1:30pm – 5:00pm

Place: Nikko Hotel (Next of Enagic Office)

Immermannstraße 41, 40210 Düsseldorf, Germany

This meeting is for "only 6A and above". Not for 5A and below distributors.

In this meeting, we will cover;

  • experience about Japan Trip, Mr. Ohshiro's Birthday ceremony, fact of our Manufacture in Osaka, etc.
  • for new products, SD501-Platinum with multiple languages, JR2.
  • why important to unify in Europe
Enagic Europe's 6A Meeting schedule

RSVP; you must make a reservation to attend this meeting. You may bring your spouse.

Please send your reservation to sales@enagic-europe.de by before April 6th.

On your reservation, we need your Name & Distributor ID number.

PS. At Nikko Hotel, they will give us special rate for your room. One night will be 119.00 euro. (normal rate is 175 euro) Please also let us know if you need room on the day.


Please Note:


A cause des Vacances de Pâques, notre bureau en allemagne sera fermé (vendredi) le 6 Avril et (lundi) le 9 Avril.

A cause des Vacances de Pâques, notre bureau en France sera fermé (lundi) le 9 Avril.

A cause des Vacances de Pâques notre bureau en Italie sera fermé (lundi) le 9 Avril .


A Multi-Language Machine for our Global World

the LeveLuk JRII


Introducing the BRAND NEW Multi-Language SD501 Platinum!

We know you've been waiting for this sleek, smart, international model, and we're thrilled to announce that it is finally here and ON SALE NOW. The Multi-Language SD501 Platinum expertly "speaks" in 5 languages: English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. And the best part about this new addition to Enagic EU is that it is available for the same price as the regular SD501 Platinum: 3,000 euro. For no additional cost, your customers can comfortably experience their Enagic machine in their own home language. And for our "English-speaking" EU customers, you will still have the option of purchasing the original Platinum model for your utmost convenience.

Order your Multi-Language Platinum Today, and start speaking the language of healthy hydration with Eau Kangen®.

Contact us today for more info


The Perfect Balance of Budget and Functionality:
the LeveLuk JRII

the LeveLuk JRII


Have you heard about the JRII? This Enagic water-ionizing machine has become a popular 1st-time buyer's option, due to its incredible versatility at a low price. The JRII conveniently produces all 5 types of Enagic water: Eau forte Kangen, Eau Kangen, Eau neutre, Beauty Eau, and Eau a haute teneur acidique. However, it has only 3 solid electrode plates (compared to 7 electrode plates with the SD501). While it may not be as robust as the SD501, you can still enjoy alkaline hydration and overall wellness with this budget-friendly entry level model.

The JRII is available TODAY for all Enagic EU customers for only 1,680 euro.

Voir le flyer


New Singapore Office
Planned to be opened in March of 2012


111 North Bridge Road
#25-04 Peninsula Plaza
Singapore 179098

Tel: (+65) 6720-7501
Fax: (+65) 6720-7505



German Office Closed


Our office will be closed on the 20th of February due to the German Holiday 'Rosenmontag'


Rank Monthly Qualification Update


Effective 1 February 2012, the qualification criteria for 6A2 and above distributors has changed in order to qualify for the Enagic monthly bonus:

6A2 1 machine
6A2-2 2 machines
6A2-3 3 machines
6A2-4 4 machines
6A2-5 5 machines
The reduced monthly qualification is your opportunity to support your network partners and help spread the Eau Kangen® brand and image!


Unified at the Global Recognition Ceremony


Enagic's Global Recognition Ceremony took place last Friday, January 27th 2012 - and it was a tremendous success! Mr. Ohshiro made a surprise appearance to join the celebration of new title achievers and discuss the motivational 2012 slogan: "Let's Unify!" Leaders shared their expertise and knowledge, and everyone agreed that if we work hard towards a common goal, we can achieve great things together.

Enagic water

Voir more photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


Out of stock of Purple Prefilters


Pour le moment on est en repture de stock pour les les pré-filtres, veuiller repasser votre commande plus tard. Merci pour votre patience et votre compréhension.


Closed on 26th of December


Because of the Christmas Celebration is our office closed on the 26th of December. We will be open all other working days.


Christmas Filter Sale Special!


Obtenez des filtres de remplacement pour votre machine avec une remise importante pour la fin de 2011!


Enagic Corporate News


La première cérémonie de reconnaissance mondiale Enagic en Europe a été un grand succès


Closed on Tuesday, November 1st


Notre bureau sera fermé le mardi 1er novembre 2011, jour de la Toussaint.


The first Enagic Global Recognition Ceremony in Europe


Pour la première fois en Europe ! GLOBAL RECOGNITION CEREMONY À PARIS


Enagic Festival Mondial des Ventes d'Hiver

DATE DES VENTES 1.10.2011-31.12.2011

Nous vous invitons a Okinawa et Japon. Assurez vous de la mise a jour des formulaires!
Global Winter Sales Festival


Nouveau plan de paiement d'Enagic


Le nouveau plan de paiement d´enagic est valable à partir de 4 octobre 2011. Les mensualités sont augmentés a 240 € pour la machine SD 501



Where in the World is Enagic?


Enagic est une entreprise qui se développe par-delà les frontières, et dont l’expansion ne connait aucune limite. Sa mission est simple : offrir santé et bien-être à tout un chacun sur notre planète. Grâce à l’équipe de distributeurs Enagic, cette société remarquable a pu s’implanter aux quatre coins du monde, à partir d’un siège unique au Japon

And this is only the beginning!


Enagic est maintenant certifié par WQA !


WQA Certification

Le programme de certification « Gold Seal », mis en place par la Eau Quality Association (Association pour la qualité de l’eau) renforce notre image de marque et est une garantie de qualité de nos produits; dans le domaine de l’eau, c’est le label d’excellence le plus coté à l’échelle internationale.

Voir le certificat
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8-Point Business Model Trademark

Certificat de marque pour le modèle en 8 points

Le modèle commercial en 8 points d’Enagic a obtenu le statut exclusif de marque déposée.

Voir le certificat traduit en anglais


Rejoignez-nous à Torrance !


Join the Celebration!

Enagic vient d’obtenir un statut de marque pour son ingénieux modèle commercial en 8 points. Cette réussite vient confirmer le modèle commercial de pointe qu'a établi Enagic, sans équivalent sur le marché actuel. Le certificat de licence lui a été décerné le 20 mai ; c’est un événement qui se fête !

Cette soirée donnera également lieu à la Global Recognition Ceremony du mois d’août.

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GREEN, la nouvelle initiative verte d’Enagic !


Ramenez 6 bouteilles vides d’Electrolysis Enhancer à l’un de nos succursales, et vous recevrez une bouteille d’Electrolysis Enhancer gratuite !

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De l’eau Enagic pour le peuple japonais


Alors que les réserves d’eau de la région touchée par le tremblement de terre et les tsunamis sont actuellement impropres à la consommation, Enagic a fourni aux japonais de l’eau pure en bouteille. Nos appareils n’étant plus utilisables en la situation actuelle, le plus urgent est de fournir le plus rapidement possible de l’eau propre et potable aux habitants des zones touchées.

Les dons de nos distributeurs et partenaires ont permis de financer la mise en bouteille et la distribution de cette eau. Quatre containers de 12m ont été envoyés, pour un total de plus de 120 000 bouteilles. Nous espérons envoyer prochainement un autre convoi, et vous remercions de votre soutien.

Enagic water
Enagic water


Enagic Europe – concours européen 8 point


Voir le prospectus


Enagic se redéploie et s’installe dans l’Union Européenne !


Rendez-vous le 4 juin à Düsseldorf !

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Global Celebration Meeting - May 20th


Global Celebration Meeting

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11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Hosted by:
Corporate Management Team

Torrance Marriott
3635 Fashion Way
Torrance, California 90503 USA



New Seattle Service Center


Seattle Service Center

Address: 19009 33rd Avenue, W., Suite 201, Lynnwood, WA 98036
Tel: (425) 640-2222
Fax: (425) 672-8946
Email: wa-service@enagic.com


To Our Valued Distributeurs,


Please take this opportunity to review the firm's policy on NO MEDICAL CLAIMS here in the Policies and Procedures (Reference page 9, section 8(i)). There is a zero tolerance policy.

If a distributor does not follow the no-medical claim policy as listed in the P&P above, the distributor will be immediately be subject to termination proceedings.

We ask for your continued cooperation on this very important point.


USDA Recommendation


Press Release

USDA recommends drinking "water instead of sugary drinks." Take hold of the power of your tap water to be instantly converted to healthy Eau Kangen®.

Read USDA press release


To our entire Enagic® Distribution Family,


With a fantastic 2011 underway, we'd like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for all your efforts, leadership and support of Eau Kangen® and the Enagic® way of life.

2011 started with fanfare as we announced our newest opportunity; the Title Incentive which pays a one-time, very special title incentive to those distributors achieving the rank of 6A and above from January 2011 onwards. We'll be handing out these special payments monthly at our Global Recognition Ceremonies to be held here at the Global Sales Headquarters in Torrance, California. As new 6A's visit our location and undergo informative training, we hope this will further solidify the bond between our field distributors and the firm.

As well, our Global and Local 8-pt Campaigns are continuing! Distributeurs from around the globe and right close to home have helped spread the firm's message of compassion and been rewarded well. Will your name be on the list of winners?

Our Fast Track to 3 Campaign is also continuing into 2011. Whether you are a new distributor or just investigating a lasting relationship with Enagic®, the 3A Campaign is yet another powerful business tool to kick-start your business dreams.

We look forward to embracing the New Year together, embarking on the challenges and sharing the successes of the Enagic® way of life!


Enagic Philosophy Brochure


Enagic Philosophy Brochure

This brochure is your daily affirmation and reminder that there's no greater career fulfillment than being an Enagic Distributor. Keep one to read every morning to remind yourself of the true goals and values Enagic represents.

Voir and download it here!


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