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Ukon™ DD FAQ

1. How much does Ukon™ DD cost?

A 4-month supply of Kangen Ukon™ (10 boxes) is 620 € plus applicable taxes (EU 7% VAT, except Austria 10%) and shipping (EU 7% VAT, except Austria 10%). A Ukon™ DD contract obliges the customers to pay for 3 x 4-month supplies.

2. How much is an Ukon™ DD commission point?

Ukon™ DD points are worth 32 €.

3. How often does Enagic® pay commission for Ukon™ DD?

When a customer signs up for Ukon™ DD, they agree to the terms of the auto-ship program, and they will automatically receive Ukon™ DD every 4 months. As a result, 32 € are counted to your commission each time their account automatically renews. Enagic pays out of Ukon commission once a month; the payment will be released as soon as you have accumulated 180 € or more Ukon commission.

4. How much will I earn when I sell Ukon™ DD?

If you want to receive commission for Ukon™ DD sales you have to become a Ukon™ DD distributor by joining the auto ship program yourself. As a Kangen Water® distributor, when you purchase Ukon™ DD, you will receive the same amount of points as your Kangen Water® rank. So, if you are a 3A, you'll be paid 96 € for your own Ukon™ DD purchase!

Then your commission depends on whether you have a direct sale or indirect sale.

For instance, if you are a 6A and sell Ukon™ DD to a new customer (direct sale), you will earn 6 Ukon points, or 192 € (remember, each Ukon point is 32 €)*.

If your downline partner buys Ukon™ DD or makes a sale to someone (indirect sale), you will be paid according to which leg that downline customer is in. For example, an Ukon™ DD sale to a customer in your 4A leg will give you a maximum of 4 points (128 €), even if you are currently a 6A.

5. Can I sell Ukon™ DD and Kangen Water® to a brand new customer?

Yes, you may sell both products to a new customer, and this counts as 2 sales However, he/she will sponsor the second product him-/herself (one direct, one indirect sale for you).

6. Do I earn commission from my own Ukon™ DD purchase?

Yes, when you buy a 4-month supply of Ukon, you will be paid the same amount of Ukon points as your Kangen Water® rank. For instance, if you are a 5A and you purchase Ukon™ DD, you will be paid 5 points, or 160 €. The remaining 3 points will be paid up to your upline. Commission for Ukon™ DD sales and renewals will be paid once a month by Enagic to Distributors who have accumulated at least 180 € worth of Ukon Commission.

7. Are Ukon™ DD sales counted the same as Kangen Water® machine sales?

There is a 1:1 ratio for Ukon™ DD and Kangen Water® machines for your Kangen Water® rank. In other words, selling Ukon™ DD is considered a "sale" that will count toward your next Kangen Water® promotion. However, there is a 3:1 ratio for Kangen Water® Title Incentives and Bonuses.

8. Can I recruit from another Kangen Water® line?

No, you are not permitted to recruit out of line. All Kangen Water® distributors will keep the same customers and structure.

9. Can Kangen Water® FA0's sign up with Ukon™ DD?

Yes, someone with an FA0 (inactive) Kangen Water® account is a free agent and can sign up anytime they wish.

10. Can Ukon™ DD distributors sell Kangen Water® machines if they aren't Kangen Water® distributors?

Enagic® does not encourage it, but Ukon™ DD distributors may sell and earn commission from Kangen Water® sales.

11. How do SP (special points) work with Ukon™ DD?

From the moment you sign up for your own Kangen Ukon™ DD autoship (and continue to make payments), you'll stay SP-qualified for your Kangen Water® distributor account.

If you decide to stop the Kangen Ukon™ DD autoship program after 1 year, we calculate the SP Status off of the last direct sale made and not from the last Kangen Ukon™ DD autoship date.

12. If I miss a payment or my downline misses a payment, what happens?

All monthly payments are due by the assigned Due Date. Failure to make a payment within ten (10) days of the Due Date will result in termination of your Ukon™ DD account without further notice. All benefits that come with this program (e.g. SP) will no longer apply to the account from the termination date and will not be reinstated.

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