FAQ - Service Department


FAQ - Service Department


  • How often do I have to clean the machine?

    1. When the machine has not been operated for 2-3 days, let Beauty Water run for approx. 20-30 seconds to help the machine discharge stale water from the electrolysis chamber and inner hoses. This also helps to loosen and flush out calcium deposits, as the polarity of the electrolysis chamber is switched during the production of beauty water.

    HOWEVER: Running Beauty Water does not replace the regular cleaning with citric acid powder!

    2. You should clean your machine with citric acid powder about every two weeks. Go here for a video tutorial.

    Water in some areas might result in the necessity of more (weekly) or less (monthly) cleaning.

    To make sure you clean your machine often enough, it is advised to test your water with pH testers weekly. When you notice a change in the pH values only after 3 weeks of usage for example, you can try cleaning your machine every 3 weeks instead of 2. But if after a while you see a change already after 2 weeks, you should go back to a two week interval.

    3. We advise to have the machine "deep cleaned" by the Enagic Service staff at least once every two years. For this you can fill in the Service Request form on

  • I don't use my machine regularly, so I don't need to clean it often, right?

    No, that is not correct. Both intensive use and sporadic use can lead to deposits in the machine: When you use your machine very often, mineral deposits can form around the plates rather quickly depending on the quality of your water. When you use it very seldom, the water inside the machine evaporates, leaving deposits on the plates and in the pipes. So please clean your machine regularly.

  • What are the steps I need to follow for a Cleaning with Citric Acid?

    1. Turn the machine off and unplug the machine
    2. Fill one sachet of citric acid into the cleaning cartridge
    3. Replace the High Grade filter with the cleaning cartridge
    4. Take a big glass/bowl and place the grey hose (acidic water) and the flexible pipe (Kangen Water) into it
    5. Turn on the faucet until the glass is full and both hoses are under water
    6. Let the machine sit for 3-5 hours or over night
    7. Flush the machine for about 5 minutes
    8. Replace the cleaning cartridge with the filter
    9. Plug in the machine

    IMPORTANT: Please make sure not to replace the cleaning cartridge with the filter before you have flushed out the citric acid. The filter will take irreversible damage and you must not continue to use it. When your Kangen Water tastes acidic your filter got in contact with citric acid and needs immediate replacement.

  • My machine seems to always go into cleaning mode and announces "NOTICE OF CLEANING". Why?

    The machine will go into the 30-second automatic cleaning mode under these circumstances:

    1. 15 Minutes of continuous or added up water production
    2. 24 hours of not using the machine
    3. After producing strong acidic water.

    In some cases the machine is so heavily calcified that the mechanical propeller cannot spin. This however is necessary for the machine to finish the automatic cleaning mode. If your machine does not stop the automatic cleaning mode please clean your machine with citric acid before you contact our service department.

  • What is a DEEP CLEANING?

    We recommend having your machine cleaned by trained service staff at least once every two years. Any limestone and sediment deposits that cannot be removed by the regular cleaning with citric acid powder will be removed by the deep cleaning, making the inside of your machines "like new".

    When your machine comes in, we first test its overall condition and performance. Then it is cleaned with a strong acid to remove any lime build up that might harm the plates and inside passages.

    Afterwards we test the machines' performance again, to make sure the unit is returned to you in impeccable condition.

    Should anything worry you about the performance of your machine in addition to your wish for a deep cleaning, please let the service staff know beforehand. Sometimes it is hard to recreate the circumstances in which you noticed a malfunction, so it is best to know what we should look for specifically. Any particular problem, especially "leaking" has to be mentioned.

  • I want to send in my machine for DEEP CLEANING. How do I proceed?

    1. Please send us an E-Mail with a short description of what you request to

      There are two options as to how your machine comes to us: either you dispatch it yourself with a delivery company of your choice, or you ask Enagic to arrange a pick-up from your address (this option is only available for Switzerland and Scandinavia). Please let us know in your E-Mail which option you choose.

      If you ask for a pick-up, include your machine's serial number, your complete address and your telephone number in your E-Mail. In case we receive your E-Mail by 1pm, a pick-up of the machine can already be arranged for the following business day.

    2. We will send you a Repair Request document which needs to be filled in and placed inside the box in which you pack your machine (lack of proper paperwork will unnecessarily delay the processing of your request).

      In case of a pick-up we then forward your address to our courier called "MBE". They arrange the pick-up with either FedEx or UPS (depending on the daily quotation and area):

      - Collection with FedEx: you will receive an E-Mail from MBE with further instructions and you have to contact FedEx to arrange a collection day

      - Collection with UPS: the driver will usually pick up the parcel on the next business day. When no one is available, he deposits the shipping label in your mailbox together with information about how you can arrange an appointment. Usually, there will also be two more pick-up attempts within the next following two business days.

    3. Usually your machine will be deep cleaned and ready for return within two business days after arrival (depending on workload).
    4. When your machine is ready you will receive the Service Report via E-Mail and be asked if you would like to pay via credit card or wire transfer (within warranty period deep cleaning costs 59.50 € incl. 19% VAT, after expiry of the warranty it is 93.50 € incl. 19% VAT and shipping costs for the return).

      In case we had arranged a pick up you will be asked to pay for the return shipment as well (8 € Germany, 34 € EU, 44 € Norway/Switzerland).

    5. After we have received the payment or a confirmation of your wire transfer we will ship out the machine on the same day (if we receive the payment before 1pm).
    Additional remarks:
    1. If you want to have any additional supplies the shipping charges will increase and the Supply Order Form has to be sent with the machine (inside the box).
    2. If you have any questions regarding a certain repair/pick-up please make sure you use the same name as in the initial request. Sometimes, after we have been asked to arrange the pick-up from a private address, customers request further information in their company's name and vice versa.
    3. Customers should make sure to follow the instructions on the Repair Request to ensure a safe transport of the machine - the best way to transport a machine is the same way it was originally delivered, so we advise to keep the original packaging.
    4. Damages due to bad packaging are not covered by Enagic / Warranty, e.g. if a platinum machine is send without surrounding protection and thus arrives scratched, this is due to improper handling.
    5. Damages to additional items sent (like the diverter or secondary stand) are not covered either.
    6. If the machine arrives with a full enhancer tank then the warranty of the machine is void, since salt solution might have gotten into the machine and might create short circuits and corrosion that might be initially invisible.


  • What does the High Grade Filter do?

    The High Grade Filter removes a minimum of 95% chlorine and lead for 6000L.

    All other substances cannot be named because the filters effectiveness depends on their concentration in the water.

    Please keep in mind that Enagic does not produce water filters that make non-drinkable water drinkable. The filters and pre-filters Enagic offers can improve the overall water quality (regarding taste, odour, sediment, hardness and removal of certain substances) and make it more suitable for electrolysis, which is our machines' main function.

  • How often do I have to change the internal Filter?

    For best results it is recommended to exchange the filter every six months.

    However, the machine uses a mechanical method to count the incoming water and automatically displays "Replace Filter" after 6000L of incoming water, which is the amount the filter was designed for. The machine also counts the days from the last time the filter reset button was pressed. It will tell you to replace the filter after 365 days, regardless of whether you have used 6000L of water or have not. Think of the 365 days as an "expiration date", and the six months as a "minimum durability date".

    Please keep in mind that 1 minute of running water amounts to roughly 6L, i.e. about 4L of Kangen Water and 2L of Beauty Water from the grey hose.

Electrolysis Enhancer Fluid

  • I filled up the tank for the Electrolysis Enhancer but when I want Strong Acidic Water it says the tank needs to be refilled.

    If the machine is new, there might be air in the internal hoses that are for the enhancer fluid. Please let the water run for 3-5 minutes with low pressure.

    If it is not new there may be a salt crystal stuck inside the tank or internal connections. Clean the outside of the tank, especially the part where the tank is connected to the machine. Then try to run water with low pressure for 3-5 minutes.

  • How long does the Electrolysis Enhancer last?

    One 400ml Bottle of electrolysis enhancer should last for roughly 20L of Strong Kangen and 10L of Strong acidic water.

    When you receive your machine, all internal pipes are empty, so some of the enhancer liquid will go from the tank into these pipes. This doesn't mean it goes into your Kangen Water. There are two completely separate cycles inside the machine, so the electrolysis enhancer will not go into the normal drinking water, but into the water coming out of the secondary hose.

    The electrolysis Enhancer is only added to the water while you are producing Strong Kangen Water. After that the machine always goes into an automatic cleaning cycle.

    The Electrolysis Enhancer is not a dangerous chemical fluid. It is Sodium chloride, or in other words: salt water.

Water Outcome

  • My Water has a strange taste/look. Why could that be?

    Please consider the following things:

    1. How old is the filter inside the machine?
    2. How often do you clean the machine with Citric Acid Powder?
    3. What kind of water source do you use (well water / Sea water / municipal water)

    If you contact our Service Department with this problem, please have the answers for these questions ready.

  • There are small white deposits in my water. Can this be unhealthy? Do I have to clean my machine more often?

    White deposits on your water cup or bottle are quite normal and nothing to worry about. During the ionisation, positive mineral ions accumulate in the Kangen Water; these react with oxygen in the air, which might result in a thin layer of deposits on the side of the cups/bottles. If you fill one bottle to the very top and seal it, and fill another bottle that you don't seal, you should see more deposits in the latter than in the former.

    However, floating white particles in freshly tapped Kangen water that slowly float to the bottom of your cup/bottle indicate calcium build-up on the electrolysis plates. In this case, the machine has to be cleaned more often.

    If your water seems cloudy/hazy this is actually a good sign as it is a visible proof of dissolved oxygen in your water.

  • Should I see bubbles in my Kangen Water?

    You will only see bubbles in freshly produced water, since the gas will escape into the air (Compare to sparkling table water - the carbon gas will disappear).

    The occurrence and the visibility of bubbles depend on the conductivity of the incoming tap water and the cleanliness of the machine itself.

  • I am unable to reach the expected pH/ORP-values with my machine. Why?

    The pH might vary for the following reasons:

    1. pH of tap water/source water
    2. Temperature of tap water/source water
    3. Water pressure
    4. Calcification of the machine
    5. Mineral content of the tap water/source water

    Please keep in mind the pH and ORP values highly depend on the electrolysis time of the water. Hence, if your pH values are too low, try to reduce the water pressure. The longer the water is electrolysed inside the chamber, the better the results will be.

  • How do I correctly test the pH value?

    If you want to test the pH values of your water, please make sure that:

    1. You only collect water while the faucet is still open.
    2. You only collect water while the water type indicator on the control panel is not blinking and you have waited for 10-15 seconds.
    3. You let the Strong Acidic water run for 40-45 seconds before you start collecting the water.
  • I read in the manual that you should not give the water to pets. Why?

    Please understand that we produce water ionisers that provide drinking water suitable for the human body. Kangen Water is meant for consumption by humans, so we have to issue general warnings concerning other species. Also, please consider that we cannot give you medical advice. If you want to give Kangen water to your pet, you should consult your vet first.

  • Acidic well water

    The EU regulations require well water to be tested and certified as drinking water by the owner before it is used as such. If it is found to be usable as drinking water, please check our available pre-filter combinations for well water.

Technical Issues/Machine Malfunctions

  • None of the adapters from Enagic fit on my faucet, what can I do?

    The adapters provided with our machines follow the European standard for faucet aerators; please understand that we are unable to produce adapters for non-standardized faucets.

    In most cases the screw-type adapter can be used, as it is actually flexible.

  • I won't use my machine for a longer period of time. Can this be harmful to the machine?

    When you know you are not using the machine for a longer period of time, you should drain the machine of water and turn it off.

    When you start utilising it again, you should always use the e-cleaner first.

    We advise to store the High Grade filter in a fridge or a cool place to prevent mould formation. In general the High Grade filter cannot be stored for more than 1 month once it has been used.

  • My area receives desalinated water. Is this ok for the machine?

    Desalinated water does not require any extra treatment before running it through the machine. However, other problems might arise:

    1. 1. In some areas desalinated water is too low on minerals. Due to that it might be a challenge to create the correct pH-Values.
    2. 2. Sometimes desalinated water still contains too much salt, which increases the conductivity of the water and therefore results in too high pH-Values.

    For places like that it's recommended that a sponsor uses his/her machine to test if they can produce the correct results with a prospect's water before they order the machine for a customer.

  • My machine buzzes / it is not silent when not in use. What is wrong?

    You might hear a soft humming sound if there is a magnetic field close by interfering with the machine. Sometimes an electromagnetic shielding of one machine is better than that of another which results in the humming sound of the latter being more audible.

  • Do the machines have a standby mode?

    All machines go into standby when no water is running. The machines go only into active mode once the sensor recognises running water.

  • Can I install my machine under the counter?

    If the grey hose (acidic water) rises above the outlet of the water inside the machine then the separation of the water will be partly reversed and both waters will interact again, causing mineral ions to become mineral oxides sticking to the internal piping.

    The Kangen Water is "pushed out" by the water pressure from the faucet while the acidic water is mostly drained by gravity, so there is not much pressure on the grey hose when you raise it above the machine, resulting in a partial reversal of the electrolysis.

K8 Troubleshooting

  • The display does not react.

    LCD touchscreens work by conductivity. When the display does not react, the electrical conductor - in this case the human body - does not cause a distortion on the screen's electromagnetic field. Please make sure that you have removed the display protection foil, your hands are not wet, and the display is clean and dry.

  • The K8 starts to talk without anyone touching the display

    This so-called "ghost tapping" is a phenomenon based on the above problem. There are lipids and fatty acids on the human skin. When you touch the screen with your finger - wet or dry - those substances can remain and cause the above mentioned distortion on the screen's electromagnetic field causing the machine to perceive a touch on the screen. Please clean the display to solve that issue.

  • The Cleaning Tank is not emptied during the cleaning mode / The Enhancer Tank is not emptied during the production of strong acidic water / The Tank is leaking

    In general, the cleaning tank has to be empty after approx. 27 minutes after you have started the e-cleaning.

    Several reasons might cause that a tank is not pumped empty or leaking.

    1. Blockage by crystallised salt/citric acid
    2. The cleaning tank lid is blocked by crystallised citric acid
    3. The Tank Cover has not been placed back onto the machine.

    Solution: Please clean both the tank compartment and the tank lid with a wet cloth to dissolve any citric acid/salt deposits.

    It is also very important to place the tank cover back onto the machine and to make sure the tank has been firmly pushed into the tank compartment.

    In rare cases the problem might be a tank from an earlier generation. Those tanks do not have a flexible hose inside. The lid of the tank needs to be closed in a way so that the inflexible hose is on the bottom of the tank and does not end in an air inclusion.

    If your tank was leaking please make sure that the lid is closed both properly and firmly.

  • The Cleaning does not stop after three hours / stops in the middle of the process

    The software of your unit probably froze. Please unplug your device, wait a minute, and plug it again. Depending on your firmware version you may be able to continue the previous cleaning session. If you cannot continue, follow steps "E-Cleaning 7" until "E-Cleaning 12" from page 28 of your operation manual, regardless of the machine's instructions on the display.

    When the process stops after you touched the screen to check the remaining time, you may have accidentally touched the stop button. (Please note that although the display is dark it still is active). Please make sure to not touch the screen near the stop button.

  • The pump does not stop after 27 minutes of the e-cleaning

    This can happen, when the faucet is turned on within the first 30 minutes of the e-cleaning process. Please touch the screen when the cleaning process is running for more than 30 minutes. If the screen is active, please wait until it goes into sleeping mode before touching it.

  • The water tastes salty

    Please deactivate the mineral tank under "Settings" → "Mineral Additive"

  • Is it normal that water drips from the flexible pipe during the cleaning process?

    Yes. Under no circumstances close the flexible pipe. The only hose that has to be closed during the cleaning process is the secondary hose.

  • The cleaning tank / enhancer tank is not recognized

    Please clean the tank thread and tank lid thoroughly. Firmly push it inside the tank compartment and reposition the tank cover in onto the machine.

    Check if the pins on the left side of the tank compartment, especially the upper pin, are free or stuck. Salt may have crystalized behind the pins causing the machine to not recognize the tank. Please use a wet cloth or a Q-tip to carefully clean the pins and dissolve the salt crystals behind it. You can also use a thin and plain object (like the end of a ball pen) to carefully push the pin in order to loosen the salt deposits behind it. Be careful to not push the pin too far, otherwise it will disappear inside the machine.

  • The pH values are low

    Please check the "pH setting" under Settings and increase it if necessary. Please also decrease the water pressure to give the electrolysis process as much time as possible.

  • The Filter is not recognised as an original Enagic-Filter

    If you use an older generation of K8-Filter, your filter lacks the waterproof protection sticker above the filter's chip. When this chip becomes wet the machine may not be able to recognize the filter. Please try to dry the chip with a hairdryer and avoid contact with water. This can also work if you have a newer filter with the protection sticker.

    If you have access to a different K8, please test your filter's functionality on the other machine. If your filter is not recognized in the other K8, your filter's chip is broken. If the other machine recognizes your filter as an original, please contact our service department. (

  • The machine says it is time to replace the filter although I have recently changed it

    Please have a look at page 24 of your operation manual to see under which conditions the machine announces to replace the filter. If you think none of those conditions meet your case, please send our service department ( a picture of the bars under "Filter Check" on your display (see page 16 of your operation manual for instructions). Additionally, inform our service staff about the date of the last filter replacement as exactly as possible, and about the frequency with which you clean the machine. Without this information we cannot provide you sufficient help.

    Please understand that we cannot replace filters which have been used for a couple of months before the problem occurs because we are not able to track the total water quantity you have used during that time.

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