Sep 16th, 2019

Distributor Genealogy Solution

Enagic delivers what YOU need!

We’re supremely pleased to announce that all currently active D1 status Enagic distributors (previous and new) will enjoy the strategic leverage of our proprietary backoffice genealogy system.  This is your opportunity to get an in-depth look at your growing organization.

As a new distributor, you’ll receive an email notification with your sign on and password.

Then, it’s simple to view your genealogy by visiting and click the DGS icon below.

DGS demo:

Instruction manual:


For existing active, D1 distributors who have forgotten their passwords, simply connect with your local sales office to have it reset.  Contact information for your office can be found here:


We’re also very pleased to announce the development of our English as a Second Language School in San Diego.  As an E8PA member, your children qualify to attend our school to learn English. Visa sponsorship is also available!  Stay tuned for details!

We’re committed to realizing True Health, Changing Lives and Returning Prosperity to Society!

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