Mar 18th, 2019

New E8PA Crystal Card

Enagic introduces the E8PA Crystal Membership
In addition to the memberships Black, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze, Enagic now offers "Crystal"!
Find out more about the Enagic 8 Prosperity Association here:

Crystal Card Overview
Eligibility: 1A?5A distributor.  “Tokurei” status distributors are also eligible.
Term: Valid for one(1) year from the date of registration
* 50% OFF of regular rate to utilize Enagic affiliated facilities (golf courses, bowling center, and hot spring spa)
* 10% OFF to rent or stay at an Enagic guest house in Okinawa, Japan or Torrance, CA, USA
* 10% OFF participation fees for Global Meetings and official seminars
* Earn E-points from your own membership, plus, when your downline joins, and from 8-point sales. (ex. KW device, Ukon)
* Use E-points for travel expenses, including family members and/or your downline team when going to Enagic events.
* E8PA member loyalty discount on Anespa DX, Super-501 and Ukon DD
* Genealogy(Bubble Tree) - Online access to view your group organization.
* Commission E-mail service - Receive notifications when you have expected commission!
* Counts as one(1) unit sale. (cannot be used as the direct sale to rank up to 2A?6A)
* Receive 100,000 special bonus E-Points ?worth US$100?by renewing your membership
* When promoted to 6A, you will automatically upgrade to E8PA Bronze with no extra fee.?valid until initial expiration date)
* E8PA membership may be upgraded by redeeming earned E-points during membership term.?commission will not change)
Please note:
* This card is available from 1A to 5A only.
* E8PA Crystal registrations count as 0.5 unit sales for Enagic distributor incentives.
* Distributors with multiple distributorships are limited to placement of this card only beneath their main account. ex.) If you have a 5A Ukon DD account and your main account is 6A, you are limited to the purchase of a Bronze or higher E8PA card.

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