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Thank you for being a valued Enagic distributor. Welcome to our extensive Enagic family! The Enagic Distributor logo is designed for distributors who use it in their daily promotional activities to identify themselves as an independent distributor of Enagic. We welcome your positive, proactive use of the Enagic dealer logo to spread Enagic's transformative Triple True Health message!

Please spread the words to your group to promote awareness and use as needed, while Enagic promotes the Enagic® Distributor logo through our corporate websites, social media and direct email communication with our Enagic distributors.

  • A change of the logo in the design or in any physical form and use is strictly prohibited.
  • Any design that surrounds the logo and may mislead the viewer (a design that is different from the original design) is strictly prohibited.
  • This Directive shall apply immediately. We expect you to scrupulously follow the Distributor Logo guidelines and any prohibited use will result in disciplinary action.

Enagic policies and procedures (modified content)

The Company does not permit the use of its copyrights, designs, logos, trade names, trademarks, etc. without prior written permission. Independent Distributors may not use the Company logo in marketing or sales materials. Independent Distributors may only use the specially designed Distributor logo to demonstrate their status as an official Enagic Independent Distributor. The Distributor logo may be downloaded from the Distributors section of the Company's website and may only be used by the Independent Distributor in its Distributorship. Trademarks such as Kangen Water® and Change Your Water... Change Your Life.® should be marked accordingly. In addition to the general prohibitions of use of the Company's trademarks or logos, the Company expressly prohibits the use of the Company's trademarks or logos in connection with the sale of other products not owned by the Company.

Download Distributor Logo

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