The Enagic® 8 Prosperity Association (E8PA) is for Distributors and Kangen Water® Users that want to prosper together with Enagic® in the future.
Rediscover True Health!Gain first-hand experience of the roots of Enagic® by visiting Mr. Ohshiro's birthplace in Sedake Village of Nago City, Okinawa, and draw inspiration from seeing the benefits of group support and mutual prosperity.

    The purchase of a member card obviously brings several advantages:

  1. You collect mileage points (E-Points) - not only with your own purchase of the card, but also with every subsequent 8-Point pass-up sale and group sale. E-points can be used for paying your air tickets (or even your downline's), accommodation, transportation in Japan, etc. (see more information below).
  2. You receive commission according to your rank.
    (the card is purchased under the main distributor ID at its current rank)
  3. In a pass-up system (like Ukon DD Program) you will receive commission for all member card purchases in your downline (payout of 8 points total)
  4. A purchase counts as 1 group sale; it will also have a positive effect on monthly and quarterly bonuses of 6A2s and above
  5. You'll have the privilege of using the Enagic® accommodation facility, enjoy playing golf, visit other affiliated facilities, and receive special discounts according to the type of membership
    **The Golf Course, Hot Springs, Bowling, etc. are free for all members. For the hotel, cottage and restaurant there will be a discount depending on the membership type.
  6. It gives you the opportunity to show your team members around the Enagic® facilities, heighten their awareness of Enagic®'s philosophy and strengthen your ability to lead and unify

    There will be exclusive campaigns and events for E8PA card holders. Thez will be open for all card holders, so join as soon as possible to start off collecting E-Points right away!
                Please note: E8PA is meant to give loyal Distributors and Kangen Water® users the opportunity to enrich their Enagic® experience. Membership can                 only be acquired if you already have an Enagic® ID number.

There are 5 different levels of membership:

Bronze 875 €

Silver 1750 €

Gold 3500 €

Platinum 5250 €

Black 7000 €


When you purchase a Haven Card, you start collecting E-Points right away. With your own purchase of e.g. a Gold Card, you will receive 10,000 E-Points as a one-time bonus, plus 2,000 E-Points as part of the 8-Point System (per point).

As a 6A, your own purchase of a Gold Card would give you 22,000 E-Points (10,000 + 6x 2,000).

Future machine sales, ukon sales and of course Haven Card purchases in your downline will also generate E-Points. E-Points will additionally be granted for each sale in your 6A2 & above group (outside 8-Points).

So don't hesitate, start collecting, and let your E-Points bring you effortlessly to the next Enagic Event!

Please visit www.e8pa.com for more informations 

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