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Kor One

Enagic Kor One - a celebration of water!

Enagic and Kor Water teamed up to make this bottle with a single purpose. To reinvent Enagic's water bottle. Its iconic design and thoughtful features make the Enagic Kor One a celebration of water.

Capacity: 750 mL

Weight: 345 g (empty)

Dimensions: Height: 29 cm, Base width: 9 cm, Base depth: 6,6 cm

Materials: Vessel body: BPA-free Tritan™ copolyester

Award-winning, patent-pending elliptical shape

  • Fits easily into most bags and backpacks
  • Iconic and attention-getting appearance


Innovative, hinged cap for hassle-free drinking

  • One hand operation
  • No cap to lose or fight with
  • Ergonomic spout. Large enough to enable chugging, insertion of ice cubes and thorough cleaning. Small enough to minimize splashing. Threadless design and smooth shape feels great on the lips.
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable transport
  • Soft rubber base prevents slipping and damage to furniture

Kor Stones™
Kor Stone™ cap inserts provide a unique personalisation experience. Each unit ships with two pre-printed and one blank Stone.


Other comments
Dishwasher durable (top rack) - will stay clear and tough over hundreds of cycles.
Odor-, taste- and stain-resistant
Can contain hot liquids at temperatures up to the boiling point.

SABIC ABS (trim and handle)
Kraiburg TPE (seal, cap, insert, bottom pad)

U.S.-based Nypro in Monterrey, Mexico
ISO 14001-certified factory